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This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Russell Contreras sits down with Simón Romero, a national correspondent for The New York Times now closely following the migrant surge along the U.S.-Mexico border. They discuss the changing landscape of Latin American politics and the Latino legacy in the Southwest.

On this month’s installment of Our Land, environmental correspondent Laura Paskus visits with engineers from the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority, or AMAFCA. Formed to protect neighborhoods from flooding, AMAFCA’s vision of storm water management has changed over the decades, and the agency is now focused on slowing—and cleaning—storm water before it reaches the Rio Grande.

Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists look at the swell of student protestors getting involved in walkouts to influence climate policy and NRA funding in schools. The panel also discusses the Albuquerque City Council’s approval of $250,000 to aid asylum seekers, as well as the city’s push for increased community policing along Route 66.

Host: Gene Grant

Russell Contreras
Laura Paskus

Studio Guests:
Simón Romero, national correspondent, The New York Times

Line Panelists:
Michael Bird, public health consultant
Dan Foley, former state representative
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, Affirm, Inc.