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Looking Back on 2022’s Fires, Floods, & Drought

This week on New Mexico in Focus, we consider the lessons that drought, fire, and flood taught us in 2022. 

Laura Paskus sits down with New Mexico State Forestry’s Collin Haffey and Staci Timmons with the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources to talk about fire, post-fire flooding, and also the state’s water challenges. And University of Arizona Professor Andrew Curley discusses what’s missing from the narrative of climate crisis when we ignore the experience of Indigenous people.  

NMPBS Chief Engineer Jason Quinn explains the damage done to a key piece of infrastructure during the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire. The Our Land crew documents the destruction in the Mora area and shows how losing such a seemingly small piece of broadcast technology can have a major impact on the community it serves.   

And the Pueblo of Acoma’s director of the Historic Preservation Office, Theresa Pasqual, talks about the cultural significance of Chaco Canyon, ongoing effort to stop new extraction projects from starting in the area, and what’s gained when we protect special places.  

Host: Gene Grant 

NM is ‘Losing the War’ on Climate, Fire & Flood 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Collin Haffey, Coordinator of the Forest & Watershed Health Office, NM State Forestry 

Wildfires Damage Critical Broadcast Infrastructure 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus, Kevin Maestas, Benjamin C. Yazza, Antony Lostetter 
Guest: Jason Quinn, NMPBS, chief engineer & manager of broadcast technology 

Upending the West’s Water Narratives 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Andrew Curley, University of Arizona, School of Geography, Development & Environment 

What We Learned About Water in 2022 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Stacy Timmons, Associate Director, Hydrogeology Programs, New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources 

Protecting Chaco requires a commitment from ‘all levels’ 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Theresa Pasqual, Pueblo of Acoma, Director, Historic Preservation Office 

What We Gain When We Protect Special Places 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Theresa Pasqual, Pueblo of Acoma, Director, Historic Preservation Office