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Legal Cannabis Takes Root

Illustration of a cannabis leaf, with decorative spots and splotches of color beside it.


After many attempts over what seems like forever, New Mexico has finally passed a law making recreational cannabis use legal for adults. But the rollout is not as simple as lighting a match as special considerations for how this new law will impact New Mexicans must be addressed. It raises a lot of questions: What happens to people with prior cannabis convictions? Who will have access to the emerging industry? How will equity be enacted? And how will this affect you if you don’t have citizenship status?

In Episode 27, we ask the people of Albuquerque how they feel about weed being legal. We learn about how the new law affects immigrant communities. We hear about the long fight for the Drug Policy Alliance, how one veteran is determined to use grass to help other vets, and we talk to two people whose lives were interrupted because of that so-called “war on drugs.”




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We dedicate this and every episode to the memory of Hannah Colton. We love and miss you Hannah.

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