The Impact of Bus Passes on the Health of Young People, Our Favorite Stories from the Past Year

Maria Hinojosa

This week, New Mexico in Focus looks at the potential impact of bus passes on the health of young people in Albuquerque and revisits some of our favorite interviews and stories from the past year.

Producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with three members of Together for Brothers, an organization led by young men of color, to discuss the importance of transportation in the overall health of families and the community.

Maria Hinojosa, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Latino USA and president and CEO of the Futuro Media Group, was in our studio in April to talk to correspondent Russell Contreras about the representation of Latinos in the media, the current political debate about immigration, and changing identities in the United States.

Correspondent Matt Grubs sat down with author Annette McGivney to discuss her book, “Pure Land.” McGivney spent a decade covering the brutal murder of a Japanese hiker in 2006. Investigating the circumstances of that murder brought her face to face with her own past.

Two segments revisited this week come from the “State of Change” project, a collaboration with the Solutions Journalism Network and media partners across New Mexico. Correspondent Antonia Gonzales looks at four Pueblos in Northern New Mexico that will soon have access to broadband internet in their tribal libraries, after years without access to high-speed internet, and visits the dig site for the internet cable.

And NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus visits the SoloWorks program in Cibola County for a look at a job training program for remote workers. Some rural communities are encouraging work opportunities that do not require a commute. But there are challenges to working remotely, including learning how to manage customers by phone and getting the right internet connection to meet employer requirements.

Host: Gene Grant

Russell Contreras
Antonia Gonzales
Matt Grubs
Sarah Gustavus

Studio Guests:
Baruch Campos, Together for Brothers
Mahdi Hossaini, Together for Brothers
Jacob Olaguir, Together for Brothers
Maria Hinojosa, anchor and executive producer of Latino USA
Annette McGivney, author of “Pure Land”

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