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Indian Affairs Secretary Faces Backlash, Healthcare Proposals in the Roundhouse & Colorado River Water Supply

This week on New Mexico in Focus, Gene Grant and the Line Opinion Panel discuss some of the recent criticism surrounding the Governor’s administration. Nominee for Secretary of Indian Affairs James Mountain is facing backlash over a charges filed in a rape accusation years ago. Plus, the Secretary of Cultural Affairs is on the hot seat after firing the state’s longtime archeology director. Then, Gene and the panel explore some of the developments in New Mexico’s efforts to pull itself up from dead last in literacy including a new training program for elementary school teachers. And finally, the Line discusses a possible statewide expansion of Medicaid coverage.  

New Mexico in Focus Political Correspondent Gwyneth Doland speaks with two doctors and a lawmaker about several healthcare bills circulating in the Roundhouse. Ophthalmologist Dr. Angie Braxton and pediatrician Dr. Nancy Wright share their perspective on the state’s growing problem of attracting and retaining doctors, and St. Rep. Elizabeth Thomson, (D) Albuquerque, gives some insight on several other healthcare bills she’s supporting.  

Our Land’s Laura Paskus talks with Estevan López, Upper Colorado River Compact Commissioner for New Mexico, about the current situation on the Colorado River and what New Mexicans who rely upon its waters need to consider for the future.   

Host: Gene Grant

The Line opinion panel:
Martha Burk, political psychologist and author 
Edmund Perea, attorney and public safety analyst 
Tom Garrity, founder & president, the Garrity Group Public Relations 

Healthcare Proposals in the Roundhouse 
Correspondent: Gwyneth Doland 
Guests: Dr. Angie Braxton, ophthalmologist  
Dr. Nancy Wright, pediatrician 
St. Rep. Elizabeth Thomson, (D) NM District 24 – Albuquerque 

On the Colorado River, ‘Everybody Understands the Nature of the Problem’ 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Estevan López, Upper Colorado River Compact Commissioner, New Mexico