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Healthy Men, Healthy Communities, Healthy Landscapes

Today’s topic, with Laura Paskus at NMPBS, is healthy masculinities. And maybe you’re wondering, what does that have to do with the environment? 

Looking around the world, it’s clear that we can’t have healthy communities or healthy landscapes without healthy men. But it can be hard to have honest conversations about that.

Earlier this year, the New Mexico Healthy Masculinities Collaborative, created in 2018, released a Healthy Masculinities Toolkit.

Here, we talk about what healthy masculinities are and why this toolkit is unique to New Mexico. We also talk about how anyone can engage in this work.

Guests include Christopher Ramírez and Luis Colunga with Together for Brothers, Dr. Corrine Sanchez with Tewa Women United, and Carli Romero with NewMexicoWomen.Org.

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