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Future of our Forests, Growers’ Markets Adapt to COVID-19 and the Truth about UFOs

This week on New Mexico in Focus, Our Land returns to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Las Conchas Fire, which burned 156,000 acres of the Jemez Mountains. Here in New Mexico, wildfire season is getting longer. Wildfires, bigger. And these trends will continue in our warming world. Laura Paskus examines how climate change is altering New Mexico’s forests—and what the future holds.

A 30-year veteran of the battle for affordable housing, Mike Loftin of Homewise talks with senior producer Matt Grubs about the ABQ Home for Life program. The effort by the city to attract new residents was born of work-from-home discoveries about the workforce. Loftin explains why it’s important to think holistically about housing costs.

The NMiF crew also takes a trip to the Santa Fe Farmers Market to find out how growers are emerging from the pandemic. The shutdown’s impact has forced changes in how some growers do business, including innovations that seem here to stay in a post-pandemic world.

The Line opinion panel reacts to a unanimous decision this week from the New Mexico Supreme Court denying financial compensation from the state to businesses affected by the COVID-19 public health order. The group also discusses Sen. Martin Heinrich’s call to have open and honest discussions about unidentified flying objects and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The Pentagon is expected to release a report later this month on these unexplained phenomena. The Line will also take a closer look at the committee charged with bringing fairness to the process of redrawing political boundaries after each Census count. The redistricting panel has all been appointed, but critics say it lacks geographic and cultural diversity.

Host: Gene Grant

The Line opinion panel:
Sophie Martin, attorney
Laura Sanchez, attorney
H. Diane Snyder, former state senator

Our Land: Forests Under Siege
Correspondent: Laura Paskus
Guests: Daniel Denipah, Pueblo of Santa Clara
Chad Brown, Pueblo of Santa Clara
Lindsey Quam, New Mexico Forestry Division
John Formby, New Mexico Forestry Division

Housing and Economic Development
Correspondent: Matt Grubs, NMiF senior producer
Guest: Mike Loftin, Homewise

Farmers and Growers Emerge from Pandemic
Producer: Matt Grubs
Guests: Debbie Burns, Santa Fe Farmers Market
Dan Bohnhorst, Green Tractor Farm
Manny Encinias, Trilogy Beef
Natasya Gundersen, Mr. G’s Organic Produce
Felisa Orozco, Mendez Produce