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This week on New Mexico in Focus, Correspondent Gwyneth Doland heads to Santa Fe to explore the nexus of education and tax reform efforts. In response to a judge’s decision that New Mexico hasn’t been spending enough on its public schools, the Legislature has added nearly half a billion dollars to the budget for education. Doland speaks to Senators Peter Wirth and Gay Kernan about how lawmakers are ensuring they do more than just throw money at a problem, and how they’re making certain they can afford the changes in years when the state isn’t flush with oil money. Then she goes to Ortiz Middle School to find out what Santa Fe Public Schools expects to change after the Legislature adjourns.

Correspondent Khalil Ekulona takes us into the world of hip hop. Hip hop music and culture was born 46 years ago. Since its early days hip hop has spread across the globe with its infectious, youthful energy. Now, hip hop music is the most popular form of music in the country. Ekulona sits with a panel of hip hop experts to discuss the history of hip hop and its future.

Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists debate the House Democrats’ tax overhaul plan, examine reports of groundwater contamination that has destroyed a Clovis dairyman’s livelihood, and discuss the possibility that the $500 million raised since 2003 through Albuquerque’s Public Safety Tax may not have actually been spent on public safety.

Host: Gene Grant

Gwyneth Doland
Khalil Ekulona

Studio Guests:
Ebony Isis Booth, poet, musician and activist
DJ Flo Fader, aka Roscoe Price Floyd, local DJ
Frank Willis, owner, Famous Hip Hop Radio

Field Guests:
Dr. Veronica Garcia, superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools
Sen. Gay Kernan (R), New Mexico Senate
Sen. Peter Wirth (D), New Mexico Senate

Line Panelists:
Janice Arnold-Jones, former NM state representative
Lonna Atkeson, professor, UNM Political Science Department
Justine Fox-Young, former NM state representative
Zackary Quintero, UNM law student & president, Student Trial Lawyers Association