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Don Schrader’s World; Farmington HS Controversy

This week on New Mexico in Focus, Source New Mexico Editor Shaun Griswold speaks with state Indian Affairs Secretary Josett Monette about the cap removal at Farmington High that sparked local and national outrage. Monette shares her reaction to the viral video, the sacred significance of the student’s hat and what the state’s Indian Affairs Department can do to help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. 

Our Land’s Laura Paskus speaks with Michelle Hart, the widow of smokejumper Tim Hart, about the challenges wildland firefighters and their families face.  

The Paper.‘s Andy Lyman speaks with Albuquerque icon Don Schrader about his life, why he forgives the person who struck him in a hit-and-run last summer, and his hopes for the future of his city. 

Host: Jeff Proctor 

Farmington High School Cap Removal Sparks Controversy 
Correspondent: Shaun Griswold 
Guest: Josett Monette, Secretary, New Mexico Indian Affairs Department 

The Challenges Wildland Firefighters Face in NM 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Michelle Hart 

The World According to Don Schrader 
Correspondent: Andy Lyman 
Guest: Don Schrader