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CYFD Advisory Council

5.12.23 Gene Grant and The Line Opinion Panel take up three stories developing around the state. First, Gene asks the panelists if a new advisory council at the state’s Children Youth and Families Department has any chance to help solve the longstanding issues within the agency. 

Host: Gene Grant 

Line Opinion Panelists: 
Justine Fox-Young, Republican former NM state representative  
Steve Terrell, retired reporter, Santa Fe New Mexican  
Dede Feldman, Democratic former NM state senator 

For More Information: 

Enhancing Delivery of Services Steering Committee – New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department 

Foundation for Open Government statement on CYFD’s action to close special council meetings – New Mexico Foundation for Open Government  

Attorneys and Advocates Issue Statements in Response to Kevin S. Settlement Co-Neutrals’ Report on Status of Implementation – Pegasus Law 

CYFD policy advisory council begins work, even as questions persist about beleaguered agency’s core structure – Albuquerque Journal