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COVID returns to school, a congressional special election and wrapping environmental legislation

On New Mexico in Focus… 

The once lively theaters of New Mexico have been quiet since last March. No performances. No ticket sales. No paychecks. There might yet be light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, but the year-long closures have actors and theatrical management worried about what’s next. NMiF fellow Bryce Dix sits down with the Albuquerque Little Theatre’s Henry Avery and local actor Hasani Olujimi to chat about their concerns and how venues have been making ends meet. 

The Line opinion panel looks at the governor’s final legislative action and correspondent Laura Paskus examines environmental measures from the lawmaking session – both those passed and those put off another year. 
The Line also discusses the impact of COVID-19 on New Mexico’s attempt to return students and educators to school buildings. Finally, the group wades into the special election to replace Deb Haaland in New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District.

Gene Grant 
Line Opinion Panel:
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR 
Cathryn McGill, NM Black Leadership Council 
Laura Sanchez, attorney


New Environmental Laws 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus, NMiF environment reporter  
Guests: Angelica Rubio, state representative, Las Cruces 
Artemisio Romero y Carver, spokesman, Youth United for Climate Crisis Action 

The Future of Theater in New Mexico 
Correspondent: Bryce Dix 
Guests: Henry Avery, Albuquerque Little Theatre 
Hasani Olujimi, actor