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COVID and Hospitals, Public vs. Private Utilities Debate

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COVID-19 cases are surging since the introduction of the new Omicron variant. Officials from UNM Hospital and Presbyterian Medical Services update the public on the impacts of Omicron on their daily operations and specifically Emergency Rooms. Our Line panelists also react to those warnings about longer wait times for minor health issues and the growing issues individuals are having when trying to get tested for the virus.

Plus, Our Line Panelists share their opinion on a study to determine the feasibility of publicly owned utility companies. Are they more accountable to their customers than private electric companies? And what does the changing composition of the Public Regulations Commission mean for energy oversight in the future?

Line Opinion Panelists:

Michael Bird, former President, American Public Health Association

Tom Garrity, Garrity Public Relations Group

Martha Burk, Political Psychologist and Author

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