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Climate Care for the Public

2.9.24 In 2021, Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center began a climate program with web-based trainings on health care decarbonizing, climate justice and health equity. Dr. Joanna Katzman directs Project ECHO’s Public Health Initiatives and she talks about the importance of training health care professionals to recognize how climate change affects patient health — and how to find solace for their own climate anxiety. 

Correspondent: Laura Paskus 

Guest: Dr. Joanna Katzman, director of Project ECHO’s Public Health Initiatives, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center 

For More Information: 

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Climate Change and Human Health ECHO Program – Program website 

“The Impact of Heat Waves on Health Care Services in Low- or Middle-Income Countries: Protocol for a Systematic Review” – National Library of Medicine