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City of Albuquerque Sued for Allegedly Violating the Constitutional Rights of the Unhoused & Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in NM

This week on New Mexico in Focus, Senior Producer Lou DiVizio speaks with two attorneys who are suing the City of Albuquerque on behalf of several unhouse clients. The lawsuit accuses the city of violating the Fourth and Eighth Amendments and due process protections for unhoused people by shuffling them from place to place and destroying their property. A state District Court judge issued an injunction in the case last month, barring the city from removing people from public property or taking their belongings. The City of Albuquerque has filed a request for a stay on the injunction with the state Supreme Court — as of Thursday’s recording, the court has not decided if it will take up the case.   

At the turn of the 20th century, Rebecca Clarren’s ancestors fled antisemitism in Russia to start new lives in America, where they became homesteaders on lands the U.S. government stole from the Lakota people. In her new book, “The Cost of Free Land: Jews, Lakota, and an American Inheritance,” Clarren offers an intimate look at how her family benefitted from that stolen land and explores acts of reconciliation and repatriation that are embedded in family and culture. 

This spring, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed House Bill 15 into law. It expands the age range for young immigrants eligible to access green cards, work permits and other benefits — if they can prove in court they had been abandoned, abused or neglected. Executive Producer Jeff Proctor speaks with two immigrant advocates about their work to get this bill passed through the Roundhouse. 

Host: Lou DiVizio 

Attorneys Say Albuquerque Violated Unhoused Clients’ Constitutional Rights 
Correspondent: Lou DiVizio 
Guests: Adam Flores, civil rights lawyer 
Martha Mulvany, civil rights lawyer 

The Cost of Free Land 
Correspondent: Laura Paskus 
Guest: Rebecca Clarren, author, “The Cost of Free Land: Jews, Lakota, and an American Inheritance” 

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status in NM 
Correspondent: Jeff Proctor 
Guests: Jessica Martinez, attorney, New Mexico Immigrant Law Center 
Jazmín Irazoqui-Ruiz, policy director, Bold Futures NM