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Our Land: Water Expert John Fleck and the Colorado River

Our Land Science Be Dammed

January 10, 2020 – In this month’s installment of Our Land, environmental correspondent Laura Paskus sits down with John Fleck, co-author of the new book “Science Be Dammed: How Ignoring Inconvenient Science Drained the Colorado River.” Along with Eric Kuhn, Fleck looks back at the beginning of the West’s attempt to apportion the water in the great river. The pair discovered that the government ignored early warnings that it was overestimating the river’s flow

John Fleck, author and director of UNM’s Water Resources Program

Our Land: At the Border

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December 13, 2019 – Along the U.S./Mexico border in southern New Mexico, there isn’t a river, or landforms, to divide the two countries. For decades, there have been barbed wire fences or vehicle barriers. Now there is construction along the border, as the Trump administration grants contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Correspondent Laura Paskus visited the border in southern New Mexico to visit where 30-foot tall steel bollards have been installed and to see where the wall currently “ends.”

N.M. State Rep. Angelica Rubio, District 35, Doña Ana
Kevin Bixby, Executive Director, Southwest Environmental Center