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The Line: Ramping Up Oil And Gas Production

NMiF: the Line - oil and gas

September 1, 2017 –  The Albuquerque Journal has reported that production is rebounding in New Mexico’s oil patch.  Is this good news for the state’s economic forecast? Should New Mexico be focusing on alternative energy sources, such as solar? Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists weigh in on the energy industry in New Mexico.

Line Panelists:
Marsha Garcia, Strategies 360
Tom Garrity, the Garrity Group PR
Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of
Giovanna Rossi, president of Collective Action Strategies, LLC,
and host of The Well Woman Show

How The Radium Girls Influenced Worker Safety In The Manhattan Project

Radium Girls

June 9, 2017 - The book “Radium Girls: The Dark Story Of America’s Shining Women” tells the story of the women employed to paint watches and clocks with radium-based paint, starting in World War I. At the time radium was considered a miracle element that many touted would improve health. These women became the first proof of just how deadly radium was. Author Kate Moore delves into their stories and how their quest for recognition and compensation made the dangers of radium more widely understood. She also tells correspondent Megan Kamerick how their experience helped protect future generations of workers in the nuclear industry, including those at the Manhattan Project in New Mexico.

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