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Native Americans using online tools to improve their health, BEMP, making streets safer through neighborhood initiatives, plus the Line panel.

NMiF: Health and Wellness

This week on New Mexico in Focus, we look at how some Native Americans are using online tools to improve their health. Our report from Antonia Gonzales and Sarah Gustavus is part of the ongoing series “Re-connecting with a Healthy Lifestyle,” which was produced with support from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism and the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism in collaboration with National Native News.

Correspondent Laura Paskus follows students who are collecting data for the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP).

Producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with leaders of neighborhood coalitions to share how they are making their streets safer through initiatives such as the Light the District project.

And NMiF host Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists discuss the effects the proposed federal tax law could have on New Mexico, even while oil revenues are looking up. They also examine the questions Attorney General Hector Balderas has over UNM’s internal investigation into its athletics department, and look at steps to help low-performing elementary schools.

Gene Grant

Antonia Gonzales
Sarah Gustavus
Laura Paskus

Studio Guests:
Enrique Cardiel, facilitator, International District Healthy Communities Coalition
Bernadette Hardy, co-coordinator, International District Healthy Communities Coalition
Sara Mancini, manager, Office of Neighborhood Coordination

Line Panelists:
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima LLC
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
Eric Griego, former state senator
Sophie Martin, attorney


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Our Land: Wells Going Dry In The East Mountains

NMiF: Our Land

October 13, 2017 - This month on “Our Land: New Mexico’s Environmental Past, Present and Future,” we take a trip over the Sandia Mountains to learn about what’s happening with groundwater levels in places like Sandia Park and Edgewood.

In recent years, more and more people have seen their domestic wells dry up. Some people drill deeper wells, while others pay to haul water or try to hook into the local water utility.

Issues of water will only become more important in the coming years, as the climate continues warming, and new developments demand more water. One important key to tackling the problems of water scarcity is understanding the aquifer itself—and what’s happening below the ground.

For more information:

Bernalillo County Water Level Monitoring Project:

Dry groundwater wells in the western United States, by D. Perrone and S. Jasechko: