Bosque Trails, Severe Weather in NM, Albuquerque’s Minimum Wage Law, Affordable Care Act

This week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, a look at the Bosque brouhaha. Proposed plans by the city of Albuquerque to add trails and other projects in the state park have drawn the ire of some environmentalists and residents, who say it’s too much for a unique wild place within city boundaries.

NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS talks with Mathew Schmader, the city’s superintendent for Open Space, about the ideas put forth by Albuquerque officials. Joining that discussion to offer alternatives to the city’s proposals will be Richard Barish, a member of the Sierra Club, and Anthony Anella, a local architect who serves on the boards of the New Mexico Land Conservancy and the Aldo Leopold Foundation.

The Line opinion panel looks at the devastating floods that hit New Mexico following heavy rains, and what it means for communities in terms of infrastructure and getting funds to prepare for the next round of severe weather.

The Line also talks about a proposal by a city councilman to institute criminal penalties against businesses that don’t comply with Albuquerque’s minimum wage law.

The group discusses the Affordable Care Act and the campaign starting up October 1 to begin enrolling more people in Medicaid and through the health insurance exchange.

Mathew Schmader, Superintendent for Open Space, City of Albuquerque
Richard Barish, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter
Anthony Anella, Architect and board member of Aldo Leopold Foundation

Rachel Sams, Albuquerque Business First
Russell Contreras, Associated Press

Dan Foley, former NM House Republican Whip
Laura Sanchez, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce



The Producer of NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS is Megan Kamerick. Associate Producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation.

Episode 712 for air September 20, 2013


One thought on “Bosque Trails, Severe Weather in NM, Albuquerque’s Minimum Wage Law, Affordable Care Act

  1. If a 10 foot wide crusher fine road goes through the length of the Bosque, as the Mayor is intending, there will be more dumpsters and the road will be patrolled by APD. Not sure how the City dares to deny this. APD already drives the Bosque bike path and the levees in SUVs. What would keep them from driving around in the middle of the Bosque once the Mayor’s road is put in?

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