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Anti-Crime Initiatives, the Scientific Realities of Hydrogen & Education Equity

This week on New Mexico in Focus, behind-the-scenes perspective on some of the key legislation under consideration at the Roundhouse. Environment reporter Laura Paskus speaks with an energy journalist about potential concerns in the push to make New Mexico a hub for hydrogen production. Plus, she asks a former state Game Commissioner about his removal from office, and what he thinks needs to change to make the department more efficient and effective. Gene Grant dissects a recent study on New Mexico’s rural infrastructure needs, and asks its author why he believes systemic changes are necessary.

The Line Opinion Panel debates the new anti-crime legislation moving through the legislature. Will it be enough to curb crime in Albuquerque, and across the state? Panelists also discuss a trio of new bills aimed at helping make education more equitable for Native American students. And, a U.S. House committee has issued subpoenas for people who it says submitted false Electoral College certificates declaring Donald Trump the winner of their states, when in fact he was not. That includes New Mexico. The panel explores what the investigation means for Republican leadership in our state ahead of the midterm elections.

Host: Gene Grant

The Line opinion panel:
Sophie Martin, attorney
Rebecca Latham, CEO, Girl Scouts of New Mexico
Ed Perea, attorney


Hydrogen Talk
Correspondent: Laura Paskus
Guest: Jerry Redfern, reporter, Capital & Main

Rural Infrastructure Report
Correspondent: Gene Grant
Guest: Terry Brunner, CEO, Pivotal New Mexico

Fmr. Game Commissioner Speaks
Correspondent: Laura Paskus
Guest: Jeremy Vesbach, fmr. State game commissioner