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May 4, 2018 – Albuquerque has many things to offer it’s residents, but a professional sports team is not one of them. Issues such as population size, infrastructure, and median income have been listed as roadblocks to Duke City landing a local team from one of the major sports leagues. Albuquerque Sol FC is a semi-professional team that aims to fill that hole.
Correspondent Khalil Ekulona sits down this week with representatives from Albuquerque Sol FC to find out how they plan to bring a pro soccer team to New Mexico and the outlook for their upcoming season. 

Larry Espinoza, president of the Albuquerque Sol FC
Justin Sells, head coach of the Albuquerque Sol FC
Pat Pacheco, player for the Albuquerque Sol FC

Albuquerque Sol 2018 Season Schedule

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  1. Cole Cottrell on May 13, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Population size, medium income and infrastructure are reasons of the past here and no more than stigma talked about for so long that is no longer true. Live downtown for a few months and you will quickly figure this out. Let’s get some professional in ABQ, we have everything else. If you disagree, like I said, ignore the stigma and go out, you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, if 1.1 million is a small population, then why do cities like Salt Lake and Portland have professional teams? Quit thinking we’re just ABQ, stigma this and stigma that, start saying “hey, we are abq, look at us, we are both deserving and able to support, why wouldn’t you want an mls team here?”