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A Year in Pandemic

Twelve months ago, team NoMoNo was busy having conversations about how we were going to make a show that covered the response to a global pandemic. What did we want to talk about? What was not being talked about? What was the vital info? What were the nuances? What life-and-death decisions were being made by public officials. Who needed help—and where is the help? We’ve worked hard over the last year to provide those answers. 

The thing about the pandemic is that we’re all going through it. Every single one of us. In the past year, we, as a collective have suffered the losses of loved ones and friends. Many have lost jobs and the means to survive. People have lost hope, as the fatigue of living one year in a global pandemic sets in. As we thought about looking back on a year, we threw around a lot of ideas for guests—politicians, leaders, organizers. And we arrived at: How about just … people? People who lived through it, day-to-day? That’s what Episode 24 is all about.


  • Eva Avenue
  • Catherine Hudson
  • Shaun Gay
  • Lynn Embick
  • David Hayden
  • Alicia Webb
  • Calliope Webb
  • Glenn Loppnow
  • Benjamin Eaglin
  • Stewart Dorris
  • Claire Porter
  • Orlando Watts
  • Courtney FitzGerald
  • Jeff Proctor

Your NM Gov: In this week’s episode, we’ve got Jeff Proctor from the Santa Fe Reporter telling us about all the police-reform action at the Legislature, including the Civil Rights bill.And with the legislative session heading into the final lap, it is important that you know what is going on at the Roundhouse. Your New Mexico Government is where you can find daily updates on all the news coming out of Santa Fe. Look for “No More Normal” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to get those daily updates. 

NEXT WEEK: On the next No More Normal, we continue our look back at the past year, and we give a wrap up of the legislative session in Santa Fe.


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We dedicate this and every single episode of No More Normal to Hannah Colton. We love and miss you, Hannah.


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