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7/27/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 604

This week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, The Line panel zeroes in on New Mexico’s economy. Recent jobs reports show the state suffered more job losses than any other state in the West. Who’s to blame and, more importantly, how can policymakers turn around the state’s economy?

The Line also examines the departure from the NMFOG Board of GOP attorney and operative Pat Rogers. Rogers has been a noted open government advocate, but was caught communicating about public matters using the private email addresses of government officials. The move, while not illegal, cast Rogers’ role in key state dealings in shadow. Meanwhile, Governor Martinez ran into trouble in her efforts to post state employee names and salaries on the state’s Sunshine Portal web site. Now, Susana Martinez plans to chose a new web site and post the information there. And, of course, the week’s other big headlines get the treatment as the panel goes ”on-the-clock.”

Plus, National Weather Service hydrologist Ed Polasko is in the studio to talk about what some are calling the worst drought in half a century. Why is New Mexico so dry, and what chance do we have of getting above-average moisture? Polasko explains the forecasts and analyzes the impact of the drought.

GUEST: Ed Polasko, Hydrologic Program Manager, National Weather Service

THE LINE Panelists:

Jamie Estrada, Former U.S. Commerce Department Official

Dan Foley, Former New Mexico House Republican Whip

Sophie Martin, Editor in Chief, New Mexico Law Review

Laura Sanchez, Attorney


Host/Commentator: Gene Grant


The Producers of NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS are Matt Grubs and Kathy Wimmer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation. Subscribe to the New Mexico in Focus Podcast on iTunes.