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6/29/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 553

New Mexico in Focus, Episode 553 for air beginning June 29th, 2012

Host: Gene Grant

Guest: Lee Reynis, Director, UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Line Guest: Alexa Schirtzinger, Editor, Santa Fe Reporter

Line Panelists: Dan Foley, Former New Mexico House Republican Whip

Sophie Martin, Editor in Chief, New Mexico Law Review

Jamie Estrada, Former U.S. Commerce Department Official

This week on New Mexico in Focus, The Line examines the local impact of two momentous federal Supreme Court decisions. Thursday’s decision on the Affordable Care Act will round out one of the most important Supreme Court sessions in recent memory. Line panelists, joined by Santa Fe Reporter Editor Alexa Schirtzinger, will look at the implications for everyday New Mexicans and the politicians who represent them.

With Monday’s ruling to uphold part of Arizona’s controversial Senate Bill 1070 and toss out several other portions, justices added fuel to the growing immigration policy fire. Immigration is likely to play a major role in the 2012 elections and The Line opinion panel discusses takeaways from the decision.

New Mexico’s economy will provide the foundation for much of the political back-and-forth leading up to November. Lee Reynis, Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at UNM, will be in studio to take a closer look at the state’s economic well-being.

And The Line discusses Susana Martinez’s ongoing efforts to give the state the power to ban fireworks. Her efforts have met with resistance from a few key legislators…one of whom she actually supported for reelection in the recent primaries.

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