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2020 Legislative Session Kick-Off, Responsible Budgeting & Open Government, The Line Reacts to the Governor’s State of the State Address

This week, New Mexico in Focus takes a close look at topics important to the state now that the 2020 legislative session has begun.

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panel watched the governor’s State of the State address in the NMPBS studio as it was broadcast from the Roundhouse by our television crew. The Line panel of former lawmakers took a deep dive into their takeaways from the speech, which was streamed live on the web. We bring you highlights from the speech and from the panelists’ analysis.

Correspondent Gwyneth Doland travels to Santa Fe to talk to lawmakers about responsible budgeting and check in on concerns about open government.

NMiF host Gene Grant sits down with Charles Goodmacher of Transform Education NM, a coalition of education, tribal and community leaders whose mission is to advance a new vision for New Mexico’s public education system and hold the state accountable to meeting the constitutional rights of its students. They will discuss the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit that mandated New Mexico do a better job of providing an equitable education for English-language learners, Native, and low-income students.

NMiF senior producer Matt Grubs speaks with Kathleen Sabo of New Mexico Ethics Watch. The group authored a recent report on the influence of lobbyists on the nation’s only true citizen legislature. New Mexico has long struggled with a few powerful people holding sway at the Capitol. The rise of grassroots campaigning has changed the game, though well-moneyed interests are quickly shifting tactics to protect their interests.

Gene Grant

Gwyneth Doland
Matt Grubs

Studio Guests:
Charles Goodmacher, Transform Education NM
Kathleen Sabo, New Mexico Ethics Watch

Field Guests:
Sen. George Muñoz, (D) Gallup
Sen. James White, (R) Albuquerque
Rep. Kelly Fajardo, (R) Los Lunas

Line Panelists:
Dede Feldman, former NM state senator
Dan Foley, former NM state representative
Justine Fox-Young, former NM state representative
Eric Griego, former NM state senator