- New Mexico is linked to the stars by the “observatories” of the ancient peoples at Chaco Canyon and Bandelier National Monument, and by the present day Very Large Array near Socorro, as well as the National Solar Observatory at […]


- A wide-ranging look at the City of Santa Fe as it progressed from a small and quaint village rich in culture and art, to a modern city with a “Santa Fe style” of national fame and equally rich in […]


- With her winning smile, the twinkle of her blue eyes and an indomitable spirit, Glenna Goodacre has, for over a quarter-century, sculpted life into clay – resulting in works of art that are both epic and intimate. Glenna has […]


- Myth-maker, magician, grandfather and guru of Chicano literature – author Rudolfo Anaya is best known for introducing readers to the unique landscapes and characters of New Mexico, reawakening traditions and defying stereo-types of the Mexican American experience. April 1, […]


- This film looks at the life and times of 18th century Albuquerque. The Spanish colonial period (1706 – 1821) meant – settlers, soldiers, servants and nomadic tribes. It also examines the cross-cultural influences of the time that help define […]


- Learn about the volcanoes that decorate New Mexico’s landscape. In this film we see and learn about breathtaking examples of volcanism that span the state. But volcanoes have created more than stunning terrain. Over time, they planted the seeds […]


- Glowing cow skulls, fabulous deco-Pueblo style…Built in 1927 the KiMo is an Albuquerque landmark and one of our country’s great movie palaces. The KiMo personifies Albuquerque’s history and has lived many lives. Join us for this special documentary as […]


- Travel though time with sacred alabados of the Penitentes. These Spanish hymns were once intimately connected to most communities’ spiritual activities. But, as modern New Mexico culture transforms, the alabados are being lost from the repertoire of New Mexican […]


- In 1979, under towering cumulus clouds, two hikers in the Ojito Wilderness Area northwest of Albuquerque made a colossal find. Surrounded by pinion pines and ancient petroglyphs, four, huge, largely intact fossilized dinosaur tailbones were found partially exposed in […]


- Follow a group of kids on their journey from the sacred mountains of their pueblo to the stage of the Santa Fe Opera. From the striking Tent Rocks landscape to the beautiful Rio Grande, this film features children from […]


- For over 70 years the Santa Fe Railroad operated a huge repair and work shop in Albuquerque. At one time, the shops could rebuild over twenty locomotives in each of the huge five-story, glass story buildings. The impact of […]


- Perhaps no other American icon is so recognizable and brings sizzling, glorious color into our lives than neon. And, through the remarkable spirit of dedicated New Mexicans, neon is once again the hallmark of our greatest highway. From one […]


- Music can be a gift of lifelong enrichment, for some this journey starts early in life. Featuring the Albuquerque Youth Symphony, the best part is seeing and hearing the superb music played by this young symphony. March 1, 2003 […]


- This film blurs the lines between tradition & culture, through the art of poetry. Their words are rich with a youthful spirit and without hesitation they honestly pour out their fears, humor and realizations. Each poem is an answer […]


- Abstract Artist? Expressionist? Realist? Colorist? Outstanding painter, lithographer, author, arts administrator and one of the founding directors of Tamarind Institute, UNM’s Clinton Adams candidly discusses five decades of his artistic vision. The lively discussion is conducted by former director […]


- In towns across New Mexico are treasures from one of New Mexico’s great artistic periods. For years they have been hidden away in schools, post offices and court houses.This film rediscovers our WPA artistic heritage by interviewing some of […]


- Travel the historic Route 66 from one end to the other. Learn about the different phases of travel from the early mud soaked rough & tumble travel to modern black top. Explore the politics in getting Route 66 built […]


- Follow a group of troubled youth as they paint public mural in New Mexico. By painting scenes of historical importance & featuring people that have been instrumental in New Mexico’s cultural development, they take a wall that separated people, […]


- A film about the unsung champions of Hispanic art. Profiled are three Hispanic artists who have worked in relative obscurity while keeping their artistic heritage alive. May 9, 2001 | 26:30 | PRODUCER: Michael Kamins


- Resourceful, reserved, good humored and tenacious, Laura Gilpin remains one of New Mexico’s quiet treasures. Learn about her life, her work and her legacy through interviews with the southwest’s most influential photographers and historians. May 2, 2001 | 25:34 […]


- This documentary features the unheard voices of teens from across New Mexico. Bombarded with adult themes and violence in today’s media, these teens find a positive way to express themselves. Seeking to be heard, they choose to express themselves […]


- A look back to rediscover the people who have shaped the city of Albuquerque. This is an inspirational, multicultural story of the diverse people who have devoted themselves to making this city a better place. August 5, 2000 | […]


- One of America’s great craftsman, Gustave Baumann’s color woodblock prints are masterpieces of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision. May 3, 2000 | 26:08 | PRODUCER: Cindy Gaillard


- An intimate story of the New Mexico artists who brought modernism to New Mexico. Ground breaking, provocative and beautiful, their paintings were an investigation to the artist’s spirit as they saw new vision for painting. Featured are interviews with […]


- A photographic tour of some of New Mexico’s most beautiful & ancient adobe churches. Made hundreds of years ago, these ancient churches were constructed and are maintained with a deep devotion. Today they are symbols of the rich cultural […]


- A film about a group of poets from Albuquerque’s Rio Grande High in the South Valley. Filmed entirely on location, each of the eight young poets selected read an original poem and each reading is its own short film. […]


- Renowned author & poet Sabine Ulibarri gives a humorous, chilling & poignant account of his experiences as a ball turret gunner on a B-17 bomber during WWII. Born in Tierra Amarilla, Ulibarri, discusses his great pride in New Mexico, […]


- This film looks closely at the candidates in the 1984 Santa Fe mayoral election. This election took place in a climate of public discontent. Overwhelmed with growth, the Santa Fe community is fracturing over rapid, upscale development, and growing […]


- Closer to home, KNME celebrates community by producing an intimate portrait, Recuerdos de Los Duranes. Working hand-in-hand with the Los Duranes Neighborhood Association, KNME conducted an oral history of the neighborhood. The result is a poignant account of how […]


- Many people come to the Southwest and see Native American art as items for the tourist trade. Indian Art Through Indian Eyes begins an important dialogue to bridge a cultural gap — to show Indian art that has impact […]


- America’s Changing West is a dramatic one-hour documentary about how southwest communities are rapidly undergoing a change in lifestyle and identity. Profiled are stories of residents caught in the middle of these changes. January 20, 1999 | 56:21 | […]


- This film celebrates Albuquerque’s past, renews our common bond, educates and shares with newcomers the uniqueness and history of Albuquerque. January 5, 1999 | 38:49 | PRODUCER: Michael Kamins


- Featuring beautiful photography and great music this film celebrates some of New Mexico’s most unique Christmas traditions. The religion and folk tales surrounding the Christmas season of the Spanish, Mexican, Native American and Anglo cultures are told through four […]


- Working with the prestigious Talesin Institute in Phoenix, this film looks into the philosophies of F. L. Wright and shows how those philosophies are evident in his southwestern architecture. Featured is the beautiful Talesin West structure along with two […]


- Before the first English colonists set sail for Jamestowne on 1607, Spanish settlers arrived in northern New Mexico bringing their heritage and culture to this new world — traditions that still exist today. Handed down through the generations, the […]


- Through archival photographs and oral history, this film celebrates the lost architectural history Albuquerque and similar southwestern towns. January 1, 1997 | 38:04 | PRODUCER: Chris Purrington


- Blackdom is the story of Frank & Ella Boyer’s dream to create a “colony” for Black people in the prairie of Southeastern New Mexico. Walking form Georgia to New Mexico, Francis Boyer left behind the oppression and racial violence […]


- Traditionally Zuni Pueblo has been known for its fine pottery and silver work. This film documents the landmark A:shiwi A:wan/Belonging to the Zuni painting exhibition that showed for the first time the excellence and beauty of Zuni Painting. Featured […]


- Celebrate the power of spoken word through slam poetry. Watch a judged competition in which the audience’s applause & cheering determines the winner. Slam Poetry expands upon the tradition of “Beat” & open mic poetry. Raw & spontaneous, slam […]


- From conquering the flash floods of the Rio Puerco to the beauty of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico’s historic highway bridges have one thing in common — they played an important role in linking the state together. […]


- Consumed with Manifest Destiny, a young United States rolled westward into foreign lands, changing lives and fortunes forever. Celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail, this program reexamines the history of this great American event from the […]


- A colorful history lesson about frontier New Mexico’s unofficial town hall — the saloon. Travel back in time to see three of the most famous watering holes & the historical events that took place around & within them. June […]


- A decade after the Wright Brothers lifted off the ground, Katherine Stinson achieved the unthinkable in a male dominated field: she learned how to fly! This is the inspirational story of a brave, talented, young woman who fought for […]


- A look at the real history Billy the Kid. Assembled together are expert historians discussing the Kid’s life, his motivations and the myth that surrounds this legendary figure. Recreations of pivotal events in Billy’s life are videotaped at the […]


- The story of the engineers & scientists who turned atomic theory into reality. Follow the ground breaking, top secret work at the Trinity site in Los Alamos, New Mexico. July 16, 1995 | 55:27 | PRODUCER: Michael Kamins


- A virtuoso performance by Sabine Ulibarri, one of New Mexico’s most acclaimed authors. We learn of his upbringing in northern New Mexico & how that influenced his writings. With a deep resonant voice, Ulibarri reads some of his finest […]


- This is the compelling story of a Chippewa artist who persevered over many difficulties, including alcoholism, to triumph as an artist. This is also a story of one man’s self-determination which reflects on the journey of a people; who, […]


- A film about Clyde Tingley, perhaps the most important politician in the state’s history. He is most well known for bringing the benefits of New Deal programs to Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico. Told for the first […]


- When George Cushing came to Zuni Pueblo in the late 19th century he characterized Zuni pueblo in his writings & drawing. Over 100 years later, Zuni artist Phil Hughte has turned the tables & re-imagined the meeting from the […]


- Narrated by Robert Redford, this is the tragic story of the looting of archaeological sites in the American southwest. June 1, 1994 | 28:32 | PRODUCER: Lee Luse Lysne


- Artist Charlene Teeters shines a light on the stereotypical images of Native Americans used in mainstream America. Using “the media of popular culture” as her medium, she works with installation art. Teeters hopes to bring “a voice to the […]


- This film looks at the life and art of painter T.C. Cannon who died tragically in an auto accident just as he was becoming known as one of America’s leading painters. Included are his writings and paintings, along with […]


- This film looks at the career, inspirations, and struggles of one of New Mexico’s most renown Native American artists, Santa Clara Pueblo painter Pablita Velarde. Pablita, whose Pueblo name is Tse Tsan, or “Golden Dawn.” Pablita began painting at […]


- V.B. Price looks at the city of Albuquerque with a loving eye, considering how the city’s history, architecture, diverse cultures, environment and style of living – the “personality” of Albuquerque – will fare as it collides with unchecked future […]


- At the age of seven, Bart Prince was drawing buildings — different-looking buildings. Since that time, Price has become a highly regarded, internationally known architect. He has re-visited the concept of “American style” and come up with innovations on […]


- In the heart of Albuquerque, lies Martineztown, an island of people in an ocean of concrete. Despite intense pressure from industries, government agencies & local landowners to develop the area commercially, the residents of this 150-year old community have […]


- Their work is unknown to most — but not to the artists whose work they help create. They are the artists of the Shidoni Foundry in Tesuque, New Mexico. Shidoni is one of the most accomplished foundries in the […]


- An intimate look into the master mystery writers mind. Hillerman explains his inspirations, triumphs and disasters of writing his famous Jim Chee mystery series set in the Southwest. Scenes from Hillerman’s stories are illustrated with striking videography, as we […]


- The Buen Viaje Dance Group has been giving workshops & performing in New Mexico for many years. While these dancers do not have the classic dancer bodies & do not move with the same grace or coordination we expect […]


{Video not available at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience.} Luis Jimenez takes images and materials from popular culture and transforms them into high art. He chooses subject matter he feels close to and utilizes common materials such as fiberglass. […]


For centuries, Native Americans of the arid Southwest used a system of ponds and gravity-fed ditches (acequias) to grow crops with the little water they had. When the Spanish arrived in 1598, they were quick to adopt this system, establishing […]


- Balance between the high stakes art world and his American Indian origins; balance between his distinctive abstract painting and sculpting, and his expression of the ideas and concepts of his native religion; and balance between his Hopi and Tewa […]


- This documentary highlights some of Beaumont’s experiences of being a lifelong friend, mentor and confident of many photographers now in the annals of history. September 1, 1992 | 25:30 | PRODUCER: Michael Kamins


- Few congregations are more devoted to their churches than those who tend the ancient and tiny adobe churches that grace the northern New Mexico countryside. This is a story of these symbols of community, and the abiding faith of […]


- Sculptor Allan Houser has been an inspiration for generations of Native American artists. His fiercely independent spirit and his competitive drive personify his vast body of work. February 1, 1992 | 27:05 | PRODUCER: Matthew Sneddon


- The Last Solitude looks at the history of the Gila Wilderness area, beginning with the Mogollon civilization; Apache occupation of the territory; the arrival of the Spanish colonists; and conservation efforts by Aldo Leopold & Clinton Anderson. This program […]


- Through elaborate photomontages, internationally renowned photographer Patrick Nagatani shares his vision of New Mexico’s nuclear enchantment. The result is a wry and poignant survey of New Mexico’s nuclear history and resulting environmental legacy. Of Japanese ancestry, Nagatani, discusses his […]


- His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the temporal & spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. In 1989, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Price for championing the cause of peace through non-violence. Two years later, His Holiness visited New […]


- One of the unknown legends of American music & an original member of the legendary “Frontiersmen” & “The Riders of the Purple Sage”, Hi Busse left an indelible mark upon Western music. Busse’s career spans seven decades, acting in […]


- Handed down from ancient times, the Hopi Prophecy delineates the path of peace, and harmony with nature. Where we have deviated from that path, the prophecy has correctly predicted the results. Which path lies before us? What does the […]


- Celebrate the life & work of Santa Fe photographer Eliot Porter. For more than a half of a century Porter pursued the natural world with his view through a camera. He had numerous publications, most notably with the Sierra […]


- Frida Kahlo was born near Mexico City in 1907. Her paintings were labeled “surrealistic” because they dealt with intense & very personal images from her childhood bout with polio, a bus accident that nearly claimed her life, & her […]


- In May 1539, the world of the Pueblo Indians changed forever. Through wild tales & exaggerations, the Zuni city of Hawikuh would be transformed into one of the fabled Seven Golden Cities of Cibola. The following year, Coronado & […]


- Known as a “Living Legend” of the Las Vegas and Mora communities, musician Tonie Apodaca invites KNME into her tiny home to hear stories and music of her life in Northern New Mexico. With a musical career that spans […]


- Step back in time to the Battle of Glorieta, one of the most significant battles fought in the west during the Civil War. Shortly after the Battle of Velarde on February 21st, the battle at Glorieta Pass took place […]


- Visit with noted fly-fishing expert Bob Gerding as he unravels the mystique of fly-fishing in New Mexico. Bob is joined by author John Nichols who takes us to his favorite fishing holes along the Rio Grande Gorge. Ti Piper, […]


- Michael Naranjo makes beautiful sculptures out of bronze and marble. But Michael’s work is more than sculpture, each piece is a story of determination, of working against the odds. When he lost his sight while serving in the Vietnam […]


- Soft spoken Bob Haozous allows his work to speak for itself. His large metal sculpture often cross ecological, sociological and political boundaries. He is not concerned with just form and line, he also strives to create work of an […]


- A story about a family’s struggle to retain a portion of the Tierra Amarilla Land Grant. This case is only a small part of the larger struggle of indigenous people displaced from their land. The legal issue of the […]


- Fiddle player, Cleofes Ortiz, is a well known and loved artist of northern New Mexico. The Violinista is the star this week as Colores You’re invited to attend an `old time’ dance at the San Ysidro church in Corrales. […]


- This film focuses on the work of the older artist, how perception grows with age and work changes. The piece features the work of several well known New Mexicans painters, Frederick Hammersley and Wilson Hurley, architect, George Pearl, and […]


- One hundred years ago there were three Americans of Japanese descent living in New Mexico; today there are 1,500. This week KNME outlines the Japanese American experience in New Mexico, from World War II when they imprisoned throughout the […]


- This week KNME accompanies Santa Clara Pueblo Native American, Rina Swentzell, as she traces the paths of her childhood through the Santa Clara pueblo. January 17, 1990 | 19:46 | PRODUCER: Michael Kamins


- KNME kicks up its heels with Albuquerque’s “Ritmo Flamenco,” as they dance in the footsteps of the Spanish gypsies. Flamenco dancing is an art that originated with the gypsies out of India, west to Spain. Dancing as they do, […]


- March in procession alongside the people of the South Broadway area of Albuquerque as they honor La Virgin de Guadalupe in their 60th annual fiesta. The virgin is said to have appeared to Mexican peasant, Juan Diego in 1531. […]


- KNME travels to Lincoln, New Mexico, where cowboy painter Gary Morton lives and paints. It is a trip back to the Old West where the poetry, music, myth and reality of the American cowboy once thrived. November 15, 1989 […]


- The opening episode for the first season of Colores features Albuquerque journalist V.B. Price talking to Santa Fe filmmaker, Godfrey Reggio. Reggio is well known for his first two films Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi. He discusses his philosophy behind the […]