Fast Facts

New Mexico PBS is New Mexico’s Largest Public Television Station

New Mexico PBS is one of the top ten most watched public television stations in the country
New Mexico PBS reaches almost 700,000 households each week with over 20,000 members in central and northern New Mexico including the Navajo Nation. More than two-thirds of New Mexicans are served by New Mexico PBS.

Since 1958, New Mexico PBS has been a valuable community resource in New Mexico Providing in-depth public affairs programming, local and historical programs celebrating a diversity of art and cultural, as well as education and outreach services to educators and caregiver, and lifelong learning opportunities through broadcast and online media.
New Mexico PBS produces inspiring and informative documentaries showcasing the beauty, culture, and history of New Mexico with programs such as the award-winning Balloon Fiesta and Painting Taos. New Mexico PBS’s weekly public affairs series, New Mexico in Focus, explores issues that matter to New Mexicans. New Mexico PBS productions have won national and regional awards including a Peabody Award, a national Emmy and 40 regional Emmys.


KNME Channel 5.1

in High Definition

KNME 5.1 is our flagship broadcast channel, with all your favorites in drama, performance, news and public affairs. Each week, we broadcast 40 hours of award-winning, entertaining children’s programs into the almost 700,000 households of northern and central New Mexico. And we offer our locally produced programs that reflect the current affairs and culture of our communities.

Comcast Cable: KNME-SD Channel 5, KNME-HD Channel 220

Dish: KNME-SD Channel 5, KNME-HD Channel 8816

Direct: KNME-SD Channel 5

KNME Channel 5.2

V-me in Standard Definition

V-me is a real alternative to traditional Spanish language TV programming. This channel offers smart, engaging and empowering entertainment for America’s Latino families. With sports, news/current affairs, music, lifestyle, nature and drama. V-me offers the best in children’s Spanish TV, including Plaza Sesamo.

Comcast Cable: V-me SD Channel 396

Dish: V-me Channel 9414

Direct: V-me Channel 440

KNMD Channel 9.1

in High Definition

PBS World offers time-shifted premieres from Channel 5.1. Did you miss the premiere of Masterpiece on Sunday night on 5.1? Tune in the 9.1 Tuesday for a repeat! PBS World also offers more programs with an emphasis on documentaries, science, current affairs, and history, presenting high quality shows that we just don’t have room for in our 5.1 primetime schedule.

Comcast Cable: KNMD-HD Channel 204

Dish: KNMD-HD Channel 9 or 8825

Direct: N/A

KNMD Channel 9.2

Create TV in Standard Definition

Create TV serves audiences with round-the-clock broadcasts of the most popular lifestyle and how-to programming seen on public television – where lifestyle programming got its start! More often called “do-it-yourself” or DIY, the program genres seen on Create TV include cooking, travel, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvement and other lifestyle interests.

Comcast Cable: Create-TV SD Channel 397

Dish: N/A

Direct: N/A