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The Great Southwestern Art & Education Endowment
Every year, three great arts shows are assembled in Albuquerque and Santa Fe: The Great Southwestern Antique Show, Santa Fe Objects of Art, and The Antique American Indian Art Show. Your attendance at opening night of these shows benefits New Mexico PBS.
NOVA: Invisible Universe Revealed
Science Café: Invisible Universe Revealed
Come to our July New Mexico PBS Science Café, watch a segment of NOVA: Invisible Universe Revealed and join a discussion with Dr. Rick Wallace, Astrophysicist, about the nature and significance of the Hubble.
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RARE - Creatures of the Photo Ark
National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has been on an 11-year mission to photograph at-risk and rare animal species. On Saturday July 8th at the ABQ Biopark, watch a highlight of the series RARE: CREATURES OF THE PHOTO ARK and join in a panel discussion about conservation efforts locally and across the world.
NMiF: heatwave
New Mexico in Focus
Fridays at 7pm on Ch. 5.1
And Sundays at 3pm on Ch. 9.1

Watch the latest Line Panel and segments of New Mexico in Focus online.
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¡COLORES! - Chip Thomas
Saturdays at 4pm on Ch. 5.1
And Fridays at 8pm on 9.1

On the next ¡COLORES! - Artist Chip Thomas installs a mural at Albuquerque’s Valle de Oro Wildlife Refuge dedicated to our relationship with nature. Also collage artist Colleen McCulla, artist Kim Matthews, and Korean American Youth Performing Artists.
Lorene Mills and Senator Michael Padilla
Report From Santa Fe
Ch.5.1: Sundays at 8:00 am

This week's guest is Senator MICHAEL PADILLA,), Majority Whip of the New Mexico Senate, discussing his "Hunger Free Students Bill of Rights" law. He also speaks about his successful Job Fairs, and his work with expanding broadband access and economic development.