New Mexico & The Vietnam War: Don Loftis
New Mexico & The Vietnam War:
Portrait of a Generation

Produced by NMPBS, New Mexico and the Vietnam War: Portrait of a Generation is a series of short documentaries that focus on New Mexico’s diverse Vietnam War veterans, families, and refugees whose lives were changed by the Vietnam War.
Painting Santa Fe
Painting Santa Fe
Next air date: Thursday Dec 28 at 7pm

Focusing on the founding of the Santa Fe Arts Colony, Painting Santa Fe tells the fascinating history of Santa Fe’s transformation from an adobe village to a world-renowned center for the arts. The film celebrates the history, artists, and patrons of this unique chapter in American art.
Ken Burns: Vietnam
The Vietnam War
Watch Ken Burns' and Lynn Novick's "The Vietnam War" online (in English y Español) now through December 31st on Passport.
Gene Grant
New Mexico in Focus
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Ch. 9.1: Sundays at 3pm

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Jane Carson
Ch. 5.1: Saturdays at 4pm

After 50 years, New Mexico Vietnam veterans share poignant experiences and reflections on the war.
Report from Santa Fe: Wavy Gravy with Lorene Mills
Report From Santa Fe
Ch.9.1: Sundays at 4:30pm

This week's guest on "Report from Santa Fe" is Wavy Gravy, an American entertainer and activist for peace, best known for his clown/hippie appearance, personality, and countercultural beliefs.