This week on New Mexico in Focus: state politics, economic development and women’s issues. The Line opinion panel looks at the latest statewide poll by Research and Polling, Inc. and the Albuquerque Journal. The poll revealed a tighter-than-expected presidential race … Continue reading 9/14/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 611

It seems like our political news turned a corner this week. The Albuquerque Journal poll released over the last few days has put the candidates in position for the home stretch as have the newly filed campaign finance reports. We’ve … Continue reading 2012-09-14 | Episode 611 – All Things Politics (& Mountain Biking)

In a quick two weeks, the political conventions are behind us and candidates for offices from the nation’s highest on down to the state legislature have begun to campaign in earnest. This week, PBS Newshour correspondent Ray Suarez talks to … Continue reading 2012-09-07 | The DNC, Bill Richardson, Martha Burk, John Nichols

As triple-digit temperatures roll into the state this week and the monsoon pattern – at least temporarily – rolls out, NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS continues to examine the drought. State veterinarian Dr. Dave Fly, and Bernard Treat of the New Mexico Beef Council, will … Continue reading 8/3/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 605

This week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, The Line panel zeroes in on New Mexico’s economy. Recent jobs reports show the state suffered more job losses than any other state in the West. Who’s to blame and, more importantly, how can policymakers turn around … Continue reading 7/27/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 604

Correspondent: Matt Grubs, New Mexico in Focus Producer Guest: Hector Balderas, New Mexico State Auditor Line Guest: Tom Garrity, Principal, The Garrity Group Line Panelists: Jamie Estrada, Former U.S. Commerce Department Official Sophie Martin, Editor in Chief, New Mexico Law Review … Continue reading 7/20/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 603

The economy is front and center on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS this week, as The Line panel looks at recent job losses in New Mexico and what kinds of policies can turn the state around. The arrival of Bendix/King in Albuquerque has been tempered … Continue reading 7/13/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 602

**Please Note: There is no THE LINE Opinion Panel this week.** We’ve had fires, drought, and our second hottest June ever to contend with…and summer’s just barely begun.  No surprise, then, that water has been on the minds of many New Mexicans. NEW MEXICO … Continue reading 7/6/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 601

New Mexico in Focus, Episode 553 for air beginning June 29th, 2012 Host: Gene Grant Guest: Lee Reynis, Director, UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research Line Guest: Alexa Schirtzinger, Editor, Santa Fe Reporter Line Panelists: Dan Foley, Former New Mexico House Republican Whip … Continue reading 6/29/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 553

This week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, The Line opinion panel continues its in-depth look at state legislative primaries. The House of Representatives will be under the microscope, as redistricting and a razor-thin Democratic majority promise a tough electoral season. … Continue reading 5/26/12 New Mexico in Focus Audio: Episode 548

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