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New Mexico’s U.S. Senators Lay Out Plans For Mining Reform

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January 15, 2016 – New Mexico officials announced this week that the state plans to sue the federal government for the Gold King Mine spill last fall.

The Associated Press reports that the New Mexico Environment Department will sue both the Environmental Protection Agency and the owners of the Colorado mines that were the source of the toxis spill in the Animas River.

This is the latest action in the ongoing response to the spill, which resulted in the loss of access to the river for weeks in some communities on the Navajo Nation.

In late 2015, we sat down with Senator Marthin Heinrich and Senatoar Tom Udall to discuss the impact of the Gold King Mine Spill and their proposals to reform oversight of abandoned mines in Western states. This week, we feature both interviews on New Mexico in Focus.

Senator Heinrich Talks About Mining Reform After Gold King Mine Spill

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October 23, 2015 – During a visit to the Navajo Nation earlier this month, Senator Martin Heinrich told constituents that Congress should reform federal mining laws. The Gold King Mine spill earlier this year put the spotlight on abandoned mines in western states. Heinrich says he will introduce legislation to reform mining laws that were originally put in place in 1872.

NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with Senator Heinrich this week to talk about mining safety and the changes he wants to see in federal mining regulations.