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The Line: Responding To Crime In Downtown Albuquerque

NMiF: The Line Panel

June 30, 2017 – The tech company Lavu sent a letter recently to Mayor Richard Berry and Governor Susana Martinez about crime in downtown Albuquerque. The company said increasing crime near their offices has forced the local business to consider moving. How should the city respond to crime and homelessness downtown? Host Gene Grant and our Line opinion panelists share their thoughts and talk about potential solutions.

Line Panelists:
Dede Feldman, former state senator
Dan Foley, former House minority whip
Tom Garrity, the Garrity Group PR
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney at Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP

Summer Meals In New Mexico

Display of food

June 9, 2017 – Students in New Mexico who rely on breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria during the school year may not be guaranteed a full meal every day during the summer. According to New Mexico Department of Health, about 65 percent of children across the state are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program. During the summer months, federal and state programs work with local partners to try to ensure that young people have access to meals.

Producer Sarah Gustavus leads a discussion this week about the impact of food insecurity and potential solutions for addressing hunger during the summer months.

Alissa Barnes, Roadrunner Food Bank
Jill Dixon, The Food Depot
Patty Keane, UNM Prevention Research Center
Emiliano Perea, Children, Youth and Families Department

New Mexico Summer Food Service Program