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The Line: “Immigrant Friendly” Status In Albuquerque

Albuquerque Immigration

April 20, 2018 – The Albuquerque city council recently voted to affirm an “immigrant friendly” measure that outlines how local law enforcement will interact with federal immigration officials. Gene Grant and the Line discuss the measure and what it means for the state’s largest city.

Line Panelists:
Mark Boitano, former NM state senator
Viki Harrison, Common Cause New Mexico
Serge Martinez, professor, UNM School of Law
H. Diane Snyder, former NM state senator

The Line: ABQ City Councilors Vote To Decriminalize Cannabis

April 6, 2018 – Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, even though 29 states have legalized marijuana in some form. Medical cannabis is legal in New Mexico, but recreational cannabis is not. This week, Albuquerque city councilors voted to decriminalize pot, lowering penalties for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana to a $25 citation and no jail time. Will Mayor Keller approve the ordinance? How will Albuquerque laws mesh with state laws? Gene Grant and the Line panelists debate the issue.

Line Panelists:
Diane Denish, former lieutenant governor of New Mexico
Dan Foley, former House minority whip
Tom Garrity, the Garrity Group PR
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney at Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP

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