The future of Medicaid in New Mexico, the health of New Mexico’s budget, plus Gene Grant and the Line Panel

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This week on NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, correspondent Megan Kamerick asks local experts what the future looks like for Medicaid in New Mexico, as the state struggles with an ongoing budget crisis.  Can New Mexico find enough money to fully fund Medicaid and access generous federal matching dollars? Also this week, the Legislature is getting to the “heavy lifting” stage of this year’s session, looking at an estimate of how much money the state will have coming in and paring down a budget to match it. Correspondent Gwyneth Doland talks to lawmakers and experts about how that works.  Both stories are part of the People, Power and Democracy coverage, which examines legislation that addresses ethics, accountability and transparency in the New Mexico state government.

On The Line this week, host Gene Grant and the Line panelists debate some of the latest stories in the news, including “sanctuary” cities and deportations, the lawsuit against Sandia Labs over alleged gender discrimination, and a proposed bill to ban a controversial conversion therapy aimed at treating homosexual, bisexual and transgender minors.

Gene Grant

Sireesha Manne, attorney, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty
Kelly O'Donnell, economist, RWJF Center for Health Policy at UNM

Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
Julie Ann Grimm, editor, Santa Fe Reporter
Antoinette Sedillo López, executive director of Enlace Comunitario

Gwyneth Doland
Megan Kamerick


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