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The Cost of Energy, the Albuquerque Folk Festival, Teacher Evaluations

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On the next New Mexico in Focus, we look at the cost of energy. The state Public Regulation Commission (PRC) recently rejected PNM’s request for a rate hike and new fees for residential solar customers. However, the state’s largest utility is expected to re-file the request later this summer. What would higher rates mean for customers, especially low-income families? How might new fees impact solar customers? Join us as we bring in different perspectives on the cost of energy, both now and in the future.

Also this week, we learn about the history and philosophy behind the Albuquerque Folk Festival. People of all ages and abilities turn out each year to learn music, dance and other crafts from local musicians and artists.

Teacher evaluations have been a controversial topic in New Mexico this year. Host Gene Grant and the line opinion panelists debate a profile of one teacher’s evaluation in the Albuquerque Journal. The panelists also discuss the news that the state denied a courts request for emergency funds and they share their thoughts on upcoming political events related to the 2016 presidential election.

Ryan Baca, spokesperson for PNM
Vicente Garcia, director of Juntos New Mexico
Julian Singer-Corbin, spokesperson for Positive Energy Solar
Erika Gerety, Albuquerque Folk Festival
Gary Libman, Albuquerque Folk Festival

Janice Arnold-Jones, former State Representative
Sophie Martin, attorney &
Rob Nikolewski,
John Wertheim, former New Mexico Democratic Party chairman

Sarah Gustavus

Gene Grant

The Producer of NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS is Sarah Gustavus. Associate Producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation Communications Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Episode 846 airs May 29, 2015

Albuquerque Now Recognized As A 2030 District


A group of Albuquerque business leaders recently signed a charter to recognize the city as a 2030 District. These districts are areas around the country where business leaders commit to taking steps to address climate change by reducing water use and carbon emissions on a local level.

NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus sat down with Holly Carey, program manager of the Albuquerque 2030 District, to hear what the designation means for New Mexico’s largest city.


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