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Prosperity Kids Helps Young People Set Goals

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October 9, 2015 – A local nonprofit that helps adults open savings accounts to pay for education, a home or a new business is piloting a new program for young people.

Ona Porter, president and CEO of Prosperity Works, sits down this week with NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus to talk about the Prosperity Kids program. Porter says previous research on children’s savings accounts in other states showed that having even a small amount of money saved for college made it more likely that a student would finish high school and enroll in secondary education.

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Entrepreneurship In Albuquerque And A Visit To FatPipe ABQ

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October 2, 2015 – This week, we begin a New Mexico in Focus series on entrepreneurship in Albuquerque. In the coming months, we will bring you different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that aspiring entrepreneurs face in New Mexico.

Eric Renz-Whitmore is an entrepreneurial consultant. He also does entrepreneurial outreach and community-building with the City of Albuquerque’s economic development department. Eric sits down this week with NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus to give us a broad view on recent efforts to promote entrepreneurship.

We also take viewers inside FatPipe ABQ to hear how the space encourages collaboration among entrepreneurs from different fields. This profile of FatPipe ABQ was produced by students with the New Mexico Newsport, a student-run lab at the University of New Mexico.

New Mexico Newsport credits: Dominic Aragón,  Erika Eddy, Brian DeGruchy, Kyle Herrera, Tania Martínez and Christian Naranjo