Bataan: a 70th Anniversary Commemoration:

Bataan Veteran Pedro "Pete" Gonzalez

Bataan: A 70th Anniversary Commemoration

Just hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, New Mexico’s 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) was the “first to fire” on the enemy. That night, in order to provide anti-aircraft protection for Manila, the Regiment was split, forming the 515th Coast Artillery, the first battle-born unit of World War II. New Mexico’s 200th and 515th Coast Artillery units were in place on Bataan at the time of the surrender. Some of the members of these and other units survived the infamous Bataan Death March, and are alive today.

New Mexico PBS captured the stories of some of these last remaining survivors. As an adjunct to TRAGEDY OF BATAAN, New Mexico PBS has produced a half-hour program with some of the survivors of the surrender of Bataan.

In conjunction with the anniversary week of the fall of Bataan, New Mexico PBS presents a new, hour-long program, BATAAN: A 70TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATION, premiering Thursday April 12 at 7PM, on Ch. 5.1 and repeating Sunday April 15 at 5PM on Ch. 9.1. & Sunday May 27 at 7PM on Ch. 5.1.

Funding for this program was provided in part by:
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Food For Thought
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New Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum
Tragedy of Bataan

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