Painting Albuquerque

Painting Albuquerque

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Monday, July 16
1230 -1330 ET

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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Raymond Jonson, Casein Tempera No. 6, 1941, UNM Art Museum
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Carl von Hassler, Sandia Pueblo, ca. 1925, Collection Arthur V. Hull
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Betty Sabo, Vegetable Stand, ca.1985, Collection of Dorothy & Larry Rainosek
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Clinton Adams, Return to Collioure, 1997, Collection UNM Art Museum
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Elaine de Kooning, Albuquerque, 1960, Collection Bob and Linda Schmier
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Frank Mcculloch, Arroyo Seco, 1986, Collection The Albuquerque Museum
Credit: Matthew Roybal

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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Frederick Hammersley, Sacred and Pro Fame, 1978, The Albuquerque Museum
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Helen Hardin, Listening Woman, 1982, Courtesy Cradoc Bagshaw
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Howard Schleeter, Figures #1, 1958, Collection Michael Kamins
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Pablita Velarde, Old Father The Storyteller, 1959, Estate of Margarete Bagshaw
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Richard Diebenkorn, Untitled, 1951, The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
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PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE - Romero de Romero, The Black Shawl, 1933, NM Museum of Art
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Michael Privett
New Mexico PBS Marketing Manager
(505) 277-1230

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Evy Todd
New Mexico PBS Publicist
(505) 277-1218

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Painting Albuquerque
PABQ 000

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Unlimited 3 years

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This groundbreaking program is one of the first full-length documentaries to bring together the stories of Albuquerque’s painters.

Long Program Description:
PAINTING ALBUQUERQUE is one of the first full-length documentaries to bring together the stories of Albuquerque’s painters. This groundbreaking program celebrates the culturally diverse painters and institutions that have contributed to Albuquerque’s cultural identity and artistic legacy. A New Mexico PBS original production.

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HD Base
Closed Captioned

New Mexico PBS

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New Mexico PBS/KNME

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Michael Privett

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Evy Todd

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Promo, press release, photos

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1 thought on “Painting Albuquerque

  1. I was quite moved by the work of Helen Hardin and her story. A very haunting and introspective look at Native American artwork. Go PBS!!!

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