Majesty of Music and Math

Majesty of Music and Math

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Thursday, December 13
1230 – 1330 ET


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Michael Privett
New Mexico PBS Marketing Manager
(505) 277-1230

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Evy Todd
New Mexico PBS Publicist
(505) 277-1218

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Program Title/NOLA:
The Majesty of Music and Math
TING 000

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Unlimited 3 years
School Rights Same as Broadcast
WEB/VOD Rights Same as Broadcast

Short Program Description:
A one hour multi-media production exploring the interconnectedness of music and mathematics.

Long Program Description:
THE MAJESTY OF MUSIC & MATH is a one hour multi-media production that explores the interconnectedness of music and mathematics produced by New Mexico PBS. Featuring remarks by Santa Fe Institute mathematician and computer scientist Cris Moore and musical selections by the Santa Fe Symphony with Principal Conductor Guillermo Figueroa.

Production Format:
HD Base
Closed Captioned

New Mexico PBS

Presenting Station/Group:
New Mexico PBS/KNME

Broadcast History:Local Air on New Mexico PBS Summer 2018

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Videos Available:
DVD Offer at end of program

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Promotional Contact:
Michael Privett

Press Contact:
Evy Todd

Promotional Material:
Promo, press release, photos

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Free upon notification of intent to carry.

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