Freedom & Impeachment: The Courage of Edmund G. Ross

Freedom & Impeachment: The Courage of Edmund G. Ross


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Freedom & Impeachment: The Courage of Edmund G. Ross
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Thursday, August 29
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Program Description:
A one-hour profile of Senator Edmund G. Ross, whose vote against convicting President Andrew Johnson allowed the President to remain in office by a one vote margin. He later became Governor of the New Mexico Territory and wrote a book about Johnson’s impeachment.

Long Description:
FREEDOM AND IMPEACHMENT: “The Courage of Edmund G. Ross”, is a one hour documentary based on the biography by Richard A. Ruddy: “Edmund G. Ross: Soldier, Senator, Abolitionist” (UNM Press, 2013).

Ross’s life spanned many of the critical challenges facing the nation in the 19th century. He played pivotal roles affecting freedom for slaves, the Civil War, westward expansion, congressional overreach, and political corruption. As a U.S. Senator, his historic vote against the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson reflected his great personal courage, but ended his political career at the national level.

Nearly a half century later, he was memorialized in Senator John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Profiles in Courage. 

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Produced by:
Jim Cooney Productions

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Modrall Sperling
Ann Carson
Dr. & Mrs. Lance Chilton
James Cooney
Robin Ross Jakino
Michael Keleher
Mimi Previte
Steve and Angel Ross
Mary Ruddy
Joe Sabatini

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Previously broadcast on New Mexico PBS in 2019

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Freedom and Impeachment: The Courage of Edmund G Ross

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