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American Democracy and the Race for the White House

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Election 2020 - A PBS Newshour Special

November 7 at 6 p.m.

Amna Nawaz

PBS NewsHour managing editor Judy Woodruff and a team of NewsHour correspondents and guests will examine the results and voter demographics from this year's historic general election; the potential legal battles ahead; and what the election results reveal about America today, our divisions and opportunities for unity.

Voting by Mail in New Mexico

Returning Your Absentee Ballot

You have several options for delivering your absentee ballot.  However, always make sure that whether you place it in the mail or hand deliver it, you always follow all of the instructions to secure it in the required envelopes and fill in the required voter information under the privacy flap of the official return envelope.  The information that must be provided in order for your ballot to be accepted is your signature and the last four digits of your social security number.

NMPBS Election Specials

Congressional District 3: Candidate Conversation

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For the first time in over a decade, New Mexico’s Third Congressional District will have a new representative. Ben Ray Lujan, who has served in the office since the 2008 election, is running for U.S. Senate this year instead. Vying for his seat are political newcomers Teresa Leger Fernandez (Democrat) and Alexis Martinez Johnson (Republican). The district extends throughout northern New Mexico, but also includes Rio Rancho and even pockets of Albuquerque. It also includes 15 Pueblos, the Jicarilla Apache Nation and part of the Navajo Nation. New Mexico in Focus host Gene Grant sits down with both candidates to talk about why they wanted to run and their priorities for the district over the next two years.

Congressional District 1: Candidate Conversation

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Representative Deb Haaland (Democrat) is searching for a second term in this year’s First Congressional District campaign, against challenger Michelle Garcia Holmes (Republican). The district spans much of central New Mexico, including most of Bernalillo County and Torrance Counties, as well as parts of Sandoval, Santa Fe and Valencia counties as well as several Pueblos. The seat has not elected a Republican since 2008, but has boasted some big historical names from the party, including Heather Wilson and Steve Schiff.  New Mexico in Focus host Gene Grant sat down with both of the candidates, for in depth interviews on the policies and issues they are focusing on to try and win a seat in Congress for the next two years.

Congressional District 2: Candidate Conversation

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This year’s race or New Mexico’s Second Congressional District is a re-match of two years ago, when Xochitl Torres Small (Democrat) won a narrow victory over Yvette Herrell (Republican). CD2 is a complicated district, having elected Torres Small two years ago, while voting for President Trump. Since it’s creation, the district has only elected two other democrats, Harrold Runnels in the 1970s and Harry Teague from 2008-2010. New Mexico in Focus host Gene Grant sits down the candidates for in depth interviews on policy, why they want to serve and their top priorities for the next two years.

Election 2020 U.S. Senate Debate

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It’s a historic race for the U.S. Senate this year in New Mexico. Tom Udall announced in March of 2019 that he would not be running again in 2020, bringing an apparent end to a decades-long career of public service. Running to replace Senator Udall are current U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan (Democrat) as well as former KRQE Meteorologist Mark Ronchetti (Republican) and nuclear scientist Bob Walsh (Libertarian). New Mexico in Focus host Gene Grant moderates a debate between the candidates as they tackle their stance on policy issues ranging from the economy, to health care, education and climate change.

More Special Programming

FRONTLINE: Policing the Police

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In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the country has once again erupted in protest about issues of race and policing. Amidst renewed calls for widespread police reform, FRONTLINE teams up with Jelani Cobb of the New Yorker to follow up on a 2016 film Policing the Police and look at the prospects of reform in Newark, NJ.

VOCES Building the American Dream

Streaming Now via Passport

FRONTLINE reports on the experience of poverty in America against the backdrop of the COVID outbreak, increasing racial tensions and a polarizing election. Set in Ohio, the film chronicles the day to day lives of children and their families as the endemic issues of race and poverty collide with the impact of the outbreak, which has had a disproportionate toll in the black community.

VOCES Latino Vote: Dispatches From the Battleground

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Travel to the battleground states of Nevada, Texas, Florida and Wisconsin in an exploration of what is important to Latinos in their lives today — and how they wield their political force in a presidential election where the margin for a candidate’s victory could rest in their hands.

FRONTLINE: America's Medical Supply Crisis

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FRONTLINE investigates how the U.S. was left scrambling and desperate for critical medical equipment as the coronavirus swept the country.

Independent Lens: Feels Good Man

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Artist Matt Furie finds his creation Pepe the Frog co-opted by the alt-right as an internet meme during the 2016 presidential campaign. “Feels Good Man” chronicles Furie’s attempt to reclaim his creation.

Independent Lens: Represent

Streaming now

In Detroit, rural Ohio, and Illinois, three women take on entrenched political systems in an effort to reshape local politics. Follow their journeys on and off the campaign trail and reveals how female candidates of color from different Midwest communities, support systems, and political parties demonstrate that even in local politics, the stakes are high.

FRONTLINE - The Choice 2020: Trump vs Biden

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Every four years, FRONTLINE tells the dual biography of the two presidential candidates that will step back and look beyond the heated political rhetoric, taking measure of the two individuals and the events that have shaped their lives and values.