The history, issues, and human drama that shaped New Mexico’s federal judicial system


Sam Donaldson
Peering through the lens of the federal court system, its judges and institutions, Taming New Mexico canvasses centuries of New Mexico History. The film documents how New Mexico transitioned from the Spanish-Mexican rule of law to today’s American legal system.
Taming New Mexico chronicles the pivotal cases, significant issues, and powerful personalities that shaped and transformed New Mexico’s legal and cultural landscape.
Through this unique history, viewers get a glimpse of what it means to administer justice in the 21st century.
Narrated by veteran reporter and former ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson.  Featuring noted NM Historian Paul Hutton.

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About Paul Hutton

Paul Andrew Hutton is an American cultural historian, author, documentary writer, and television personality. He is also the professor of history at the University of New Mexico and the executive director of Western History Association.

Photo by Larry D. Moore (Creative Commons)

Funding for the production of Taming New Mexico provided by:
U.S. District Court of New Mexico Bench & Bar Fund

Additional funding provided by:
Dixon, Scholl, Carrillo P.A.
Will Ferguson & Associates
Holt, Mynatt, Martinez P.C.
Modrall, Sperling, Roehl, Harris & Sisk, P.A.
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