A Student’s Perspective: Beginning a Communications Career at NMPBS

By Jesse Chavez

Entering my third year as a student here at the University of New Mexico, my journey continues into the often intimidating, but optimistic, venture of my adulthood. After a couple of years residing in Albuquerque alone, I’ve worked many jobs in my free time away from studying, writing, and preparing for daily academic tasks. Being a communication and journalism student, I always wanted to work for a place that would benefit me in my academia, as well as help build towards gaining communicatory and journalism skills. This past summer in 2018, I received the opportunity to work here at NMPBS as an office and admin assistant.

Jesse Chavez

Since the call back that offered me this student employment position, it has been a great journey here at NMPBS. As a young native New Mexican, I am proud to begin my journey here at New Mexico PBS because it has always been a vehemently inclusive, diverse, and innovative public media station that provides inspirational and insightful information through arts and education. Starting this journey rather young, 20, and with many growing aspirations, the environment and individuals I’ve had the opportunity to meet has been something I could not have dreamt up. From meeting prominent figures in our ever growing political climate, to artists who traveled the world and visit our station that want to continue sharing their creative message, to all of the wonderful correspondents that cycle in weekly to showcase their intellect and ideas about bettering the land of enchantment we love so much, it has been an enriching experience. With my time being here, I’ve been observant and have taken with me knowledge and insight that will ideally help me navigate this ever progressing journey of mine.

Growing up in the rural and rather small town of Belen right outside of Albuquerque, I often used music, art, and novels as a sense of escapism to build dreams and an image of my future, but often could not find my voice to gauge a starting point to these dreams. At the end of this month, I will have been here at NMPBS for 8 months and am happy that I’ve met many wonderful individuals. I am thankful to call these creative individuals my co-workers who push me and give me opportunities every day to make my dreams one day a reality. The environment here at NMPBS has given me the chance to find my voice, share ideas, and work in a place where I not only feel safe, but driven. I’ve learned so much in my time being here and I’m excited to continue my venture alongside the wonderful, creative, and endearing people I’ve met here at New Mexico PBS.

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