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Cesca New Photo

Cesca-Maria Segarra

"Hey there, my name is Cesca-Maria Segarra. I was born in Taos, NM, but I’ve jumped around the world in terms of where I’ve lived. Including Majorca, Spain and Bali, Indonesia. I went to high school at New Mexico School for The Arts in Santa Fe for classical ballet and modern dance. I’m now a second year student at the University of New Mexico majoring in Film and Digital Media. My passion is in the arts and enjoying the beautiful oddities of the world. I love my friends dearly and aspire to be like my mother everyday. In the future, I hope to be a director and work with brilliant people across the globe. I’m hungry to learn and experience as much as I can on this beautiful planet. I believe that NMPBS is a first step for me in a long journey to success in the film industry."


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