Teen Pregnancy

This month’s “Public Square” focuses on Teen Pregnancy.

Tune in Thursday, October 27 at 7 p.m. on Channel 5.1.


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6 thoughts on “Teen Pregnancy

  1. I appreciated the Senator’s response and viewpoint on the solution to teen pregnancy. In order to solve the problem we need to step up our expectations of students, and communicate that to them, rather than step down to their level of expectation of entitlement so as to help them rise to the challenges they face.

    1. I found these teens to be articulate and perceptive. Some had turned their lives around and are now heading in a positive direction because they want to do the right thing for their children. I did not hear them say they felt entitled, but I did here them say they need some direction. The youngest mother had no parents to talk to her about sex. The senator does not believe the schools should provide that education. How does someone like her get the information she needs?

  2. I was put out by the senator’s inability to hear what the teen parents had been sayuing throughout the whole program. One of the teen-moms said that abstenance was an admirable goal. I Am an RN here in New Mexico and I also agree with what else the young lady said. She said that these are teen-agers we are talking about and will not go the extra step to go to a clinic for birth control. Also – according to some statistics aired during the program, if the abstinance only approach worked, New Mexico would not be the state with the highest rate of teen pregnancy! Let’s actually start to listen to the people who have been through this tragic situation and have had to face the consequences every day of their lives (the teen-parents themselves) and begin to implement some of the ideas they have been trying to get everyone to hear for so long.

  3. When will the full-length video of this program be available online? We would like to show this to our local school board as they discuss and review the services offered by the school-based health center.

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