New Mexico Drop Out Rate

One out of every three ninth graders in New Mexico drops out before graduation. Find out why.

Teens talk about why they dropped out—and what brought them back to school in this month’s “Public Square.”

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In the first half of the show, young people describe some of the challenges that get between them and a high school diploma: working to support their families, becoming parents, falling behind in classes, struggling to get to school and battling boredom. Their stories are surprising, honest and emotional.

In the second half of the show, the students ask some pointed questions—and don’t get all the answers they’re looking for—in a frank conversation with Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera, City Councilor Rey Garduno and dropout prevention expert Franklin Schargel.

Hosted by Gwyneth Doland.

Only one place on television lets civic dialogue take center stage.

Special Guests
Hanna Skandera
Secretary of Education
New Mexico
Rey Garduno
City Councilor
Franklin Schargel
Dropout Prevention Expert
Schargel Consulting Group

American Graduate

One thought on “New Mexico Drop Out Rate

  1. We received the following email from viewer Larry Cates:

    I enjoyed watching the program and one of the ideas that the man wearing a black suit brought up is something that I have been thinking about for quite sometime and that is starting kids out sooner that are attracted to working with their hands in a technical school. I had a friend who had a little brother that that used to love to be around the older guys because he was interested in auto mechanics. This young man knew that he wasn’t good at school work but he excelled working with his hands. If there would have been some sort of technical school work that he could have been taught the basics of math and English and then would have been placed in some sort of program that would have brought out his ability to work with his hands, instead he suffered through 12 years of agony the last four of which were in a special education school for the not so bright. This young man took a 2 X 6 in piece of wood and mounted an air condition motor on it and placed a fan on the other end of the wood and connected them with a fan belt from a car and built his big brother a fan to blow on him when he was working on his car, We all knew that he belonged in a technical school but alas all he did was struggle through the system the way it continues today. Thanks again for bringing this type of show that is much needed by the students in our state.

    Larry Cates

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