Art and At- Risk Youth

Thursday, August 23  at  7 p.m. on Ch.  5.1

What happens when kids get involved in theatre, art, poetry, dance and music? A growing body of research indicates that these activities have profound cognitive impacts on students. They help boost their abilities in reading, memory, and math.

They also increase student engagement. Yet in policy debates, the arts are often views as a luxury rather than a necessity.

In this month’s Public Square, young people, arts professionals and legislators talk about how the participation in the arts helps keep kids engaged in education, and how to continue to offer such opportunities to New Mexico’s youth.

Community leaders include Regina Chavez, Executive Director of Creative Albuquerque, Linda M. López, New Mexico State Senator, and Bill O’Neill, New Mexico State Representative.

Quotes from Public Square participants:

“Art has to be okay for parents to be able to understand it, for communities to be able to embrace it, for it to continue to exist…the overlying reason why art doesn’t in a lot of places is because people are afraid of it.”
Carlos Contreras
Local educator, performer

“When you can show math as it pertains to music…Wow! Suddenly it’s an empowering tool.
Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D.
Founder of Fractal Foundation

Funding for PUBLIC SQUARE was provided in part by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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