John Nichols

JOHN NICHOLS: A Photographic Tribute

Air Date: Saturday March 18th at 4pm on 5.1

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Photo of John Nichols by Michael Kamins

Author John Nichols’ beautiful new book from UNM Press, “My Heart Belongs to Nature,” was created from a lifetime of observing, experiencing and loving nature.

“My Heart Belongs to Nature’ is an attempt, without raising my hands or doing anything, to address the fact that we are destroying the planet in almost every way imaginable. We’re destroying the biology that sustains us and this book is about the biology that sustains us.”

  • Photo by John Nichols
  • Photo by John Nichols
  • Photo by John Nichols

Want to win an autographed copy of “My Heart Belongs to Nature?” Post your best nature photo to our Facebook page here. If we select your photo as one of the best (12 will be selected), the autographed book will be yours! Winners will be chosen by New Mexico PBS on March 20, 2017

See contest rules here

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