Socorro Translator Change on August 10

New Mexico PBS’ Digital translator signal Socorro K46HY will be changing to K33PG on August 10. This Translator Channel change will impact Socorro, and the surrounding communities.

New Mexico PBS will continue to be seen on Channel 5, but you must rescan your converter box, if you receive your TV signal over-the-air, via an antenna. Cable, DISH and DirecTV customers will be unaffected.

A translator is a low-power signal booster, which serves a specific area or rural community. KNME’s digital broadcast signal, Channel 5.1, has operated in this area for many years via the translator on digital channel 46. This translator is being converted to digital channel 33 due to a Spectrum Repack by the FCC.

As of Friday August 10th the Socorro-area residents and all surrounding communities, will receive a new digital broadcast signal on channel 33. If a person receives their TV signal over-the-air, via an antenna, this new digital-only signal can be received if they have a digital receiver or a converter box. This is the same receiver or converter box which was needed for the national June 12, 2009 television conversion to digital broadcasting.

New Mexico residents within this area will continue to have three New Mexico PBS channels, which will appear as Channel 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.

KNME 5.1 Core PBS Programming. Including locally-produced programs, and the children’s daytime schedule.

KNME 5.2 NM PBS Kids – 24/7 Kids Programming

KNME 5.3 FNX First Nations Experience – Native American and World Indigenous programming.

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