FNX Programming Highlights – January 2018

Fighting Indigenous Imprisonment
Fighting Indigenous Imprisonment – Wednesday January 2nd at 9PM
Pastor and former prison guard Uncle Isaac Gordon has declared war against the scourge of Indigenous imprisonment. He fights to build a healing center to overcome the Aboriginal incarceration crisis.

Second Stories-Honour Thy FatherSecond Stories – Honour Thy Father – Friday, January 4th at 6:30PM
This short documentary takes a poignant look at cultural misunderstanding and its toll on a family’s grief. When filmmaker Gerald Auger lost his father, the local Anglican priest refused to allow the family to bury their father in the traditional Cree way – with the drum and the smudge – because he was buried on Anglican church property. Gerald sets out to resolve his hurt and anger and his path leads him to some unexpected places.

Trick or TreatyTrick or Treaty – Sunday January 6th at 4PM
This documentary profiles Indigenous leaders in their quest for justice as they seek to establish dialogue with the Canadian government. By tracing the history of their ancestors since the signing of Treaty No. 9, these leaders aim to raise awareness about issues vital to First Nations in Canada: respect for and protection of their lands and their natural resources, and the right to hunt and fish so that their societies can prosper. In recent years, an awareness-raising movement has been surfacing in First Nations communities. In this powerful documentary, those who refuse to surrender are given a chance to speak out.

The Whole EnchiladaThe Whole Enchilada – Wednesday January 9th at 9PM
By 2050, Latin Americans could be the American majority. Yet from a clampdown on ‘illegal’ Latino immigrants, to a wave of hate crimes, this Latino expansion is experiencing some acute growing pains.

Fighting for PeaceFighting for Peace – Friday January 11th at 7PM
In Rio’s most violent favela, shootouts are a daily occurrence and drugs provide an all too easy escape. British ex-boxer Luke Dowdney strives to provide an alternative through running a boxing school. Can he help Sugar and Douglas, his youngest and brightest talents, to fight their way out of the slums and become international champions? Co-produced by Madonna, this powerful and upbeat doc offers a raw insight to the struggles of Rio’s poorest citizens.

CeciliaCeilia – Friday January 12th at 10PM
A young Indian girl is trafficked from her village to Delhi and is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Her mother, a poor housemaid, is determined to discover the truth. She embarks on a journey with her filmmaker employers to discover what happened. Facing corruption and threats at every turn, the trio are determined to get the traffickers involved behind bars. Along the way, they discover the case is by no means unique.

Rethinking Blackduck Pottery – Sunday January 13th at 6PM
A special LONGER, more in-depth look at experimental archaeologist Grant Goltz (of Lakeland PBS’ documentary Birchbark Canoe). Goltz shares his theory, developed with others, of how pre-contact indigenous people of our area made multi-functional Blackduck pottery, with a group of First Nations Women from Winnipeg, Canada. While Goltz’s hands-on discoveries often don’t gain acceptance with established academia in the U.S., his experience and knowledge is greatly respected across the border by our neighbors to the North.

Marichiweu CompadreMarichiweu Compadre – Wednesday January 16th at 9PM
The story of the Mapuche people is one of racial division and oppression. Indigenous to southern Chile, the Mapuche were driven from their land by Spanish settlers. They are now fighting a violent battle to reclaim what is theirs.

Putuparri And The RainmakersPutuparri And The Rainmakers – Sunday January 20th at 4:30PM
Tom ‘Putuparri’ Lawford has been fighting for 20 years to regain his people’s sacred watering hole of Kurtal. Supported by his grandparents Spider and Dolly, Putuparri navigates the deep chasm between his Western upbringing and his traditional culture. Plagued by alcoholism and domestic violence, Putuparri must stay strong and put his historic culture first if he is to secure the future of Kurtal for his people.

Sacred LandSacred Land – Wednesday January 23rd at 9PM
Can you own a piece of land? If it is the sacred land where your ancestors hunted, fished and are now buried upon, do you have more claim to it than a farmer who has bought the land from the Government and possesses land titles?

Angkor AwakensAngkor Awakens – Saturday January 25th at 10PM
Cambodia is a nation split between the past and the future; tending to the savage wounds wrought upon its people by the Khmer Rouge, whilst preparing for a bright future through a young and determined new generation. This deep and incisive portrait of a vibrant and bustling country moves through verdant hills, ancient stone steps and swarming metropolises to reveal a past full of violence and pain, but a future of hope and expectation.

The Other Side (El Otro Lado)The Other Side (El Otro Lado) – Wednesday January 30th at 9PM
Over the last century, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans have migrated to the United States in search of a living wage. Particularly in the 1980s, thousands of indigenous people made the 3,000-mile trip from the southern state of Oaxaca, many illegally crossing the border, to find work in Los Angeles. Working for the rich, they became America’s new poor. While their families lived off the dollars sent home, rural Mexicans also paid a price – in community and cultural disintegration.

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