PUBLIC SQUARE: Linking Communities and Schools

Across the country, it’s increasingly clear that traditional education models aren’t working for many students. In response, many schools are shifting how they operate in order to meet the changing needs of students and communities.

The most widespread example of this idea is the community school. Such schools connect families with resources and give parents the tools to support their children in their education. That means linking families to health services, fostering family engagement, and offering extended learning programs outside normal school hours for both students and adults.

Data collected from these kinds of schools nationwide show reduced truancy rates, more parental engagement, and higher reading and math scores. New Mexico passed a community schools act in 2013, but it remains unfunded. So could we improve New Mexico’s education rankings and the well-being of our children through these kinds of models?

In this month’s show, we’ll talk with educators, community leaders and community coordinators. Community leaders include State Senator Michael Padilla, Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson and Albuquerque Public Schools Administrator Kristine Meurer, executive director of student, family and community supports at Albuquerque Public Schools. Funding for PUBLIC SQUARE is provided in part by a new, 2-year grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Learn more on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.

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