PUBLIC SQUARE: Impact of Early Learning

Numerous studies indicate that there are many long-term effects on children who attend quality preschool or pre-kindergarten programs (Pre-K). Those include gains in achievement and social emotional development, less grade repetition and special education, and increased high school graduation rates.

New Mexico was ranked 25th in access to pre-kindergarten programs by the National Institute for Early Education Research. Nationwide, New Mexico has been one of the most aggressive states in boosting funding for early childhood programs.

However, advocates say there are still big gaps, with a little over half of eligible children not in Pre-K or preschool programs. Will they fall behind and stay behind?

In this program, PUBLIC SQUARE brings together parents, teachers, advocates and people who run early learning programs. Community and state leaders include Pat Dee with U.S. Bank, who is convening business leaders on this topic, as well as State Senators Linda Lopez and Craig Brandt, and Jami Jacobson, executive director of curriculum and instruction, Albuquerque Public Schools.

Learn more on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.

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